Shibboleth authorization allows library patrons to access Gale subscription products from a secure library-hosted Web page. Enter into Gale Admin the provider ID patterns. When a patron clicks on the Gale product link, the location ID that is sent to Gale is matched to an IDP entity ID and the patron is authorized.

If the location also has password authentication set up and you attempt to enable Shibboleth, Gale Admin will display a warning message that Location password must be cleared for Shibboleth to work.

NOTE: Shibboleth authentication settings can only be added and edited on the Shibboleth page at the Location level (green tab).

  1. Navigate to the Location Summary page of the account for which you wish to add/edit Shibboleth authentication.
  2. From the Location Summary page, click Location Authentication in the left-hand sidebar menu. Then select Shibboleth from the submenu. (Alternatively, from the Shibboleth page at the Institution level, you can click a location's View/Edit link.)
  3. The Shibboleth page at the Location level is displayed.
  4. To enable Shibboleth, check the IDP Enable Shibboleth box.
  5. Enter the IDP Entity ID. This ID can be assigned to multiple locations.
  6. Optionally select a Federation and Assertions. When "Scope" has been selected as the Assertion, you must enter Scope information.
  7. Click Save.