Passwords can be used to authenticate users when they access the various subscription-based products. Once set up, patrons will be prompted for the password each time they log in. Multiple passwords can be set for a location. Passwords can optionally have an expiration date.

NOTE: Passwords can only be added and edited on the Passwords page at the Location level (green tab).

  1. Navigate to the Location Summary page of the account for which you wish to add/edit password authentication.
  2. From the Location Summary page, click Location Authentication in the left-hand sidebar menu. Then select Passwords from the submenu. (Alternatively, from the Passwords page at the Institution level, you can click a location's View/Edit link.)
  3. The Passwords page at the Location level is displayed.
  4. Enter a password (up to 22 characters long), an optional expiration date and an optional description. Leaving the expiration date blank means the password will not expire. The expiration date, if used, can not be greater than 2 years (730 days) in the future.
  5. To enter additional passwords for the location, click Add Row.
  6. Click Save. The list will be refreshed and sorted in alphabetical order by password.

To delete passwords, select a row or rows via their selection boxes, and then click Delete Selected.